Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston, SC | Lack Of Roofing Maintenance Will Void Your Warranty

Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston, SC | Lack Of Roofing Maintenance Will Void Your Warranty

You just invested thousands of dollars into a roof replacement. You might have even purchased extended warranties from the roofing repair companies in Charleston, SC or the manufacturer. What homeowners don’t always realize is that slipping up on your roof maintenance or roofing repairs just once can void out your entire warranty—with no refund. When you properly maintain your roof, it can even outlast the warranty. Here’s what you need to know from roofing repair companies in Charleston about your needed roof maintenance.

  1. Approved Inspections and Membrane Cleaning- Depending on your warranty, the company may require their approval before you can contact any roofing repair companies in Charleston to fix your roof or inspect it. Often, warranty companies work with specific roofing contractors to get the best deal for the needed repairs.
  2. Best Season for Inspection? The best times to have your roof inspections completed are the spring and fall. You’ll need two per year to keep your warranty in effect, and before and after storm season is always the best time so that you can get damages assessed quickly.
  3. What Does An Inspection Include? A roof inspection will check over the edges, flashings, field, membrane seams, and drainage systems. You’ll be made aware of any recommended repairs needed. Some inspectors will use an infrared scanner to locate trapped moisture in your roof, as well.
  4. What Does Roof Maintenance Include? One big part of roof maintenance is the inspections. You also need to clean out your gutters, remove debris from your roof, and make small repairs such as patching the roof, eliminating algae or mold, and other tasks that are recommended by the roofing repair companies in Charleston who do your inspection.

Before your contractor completes the job on your new roof, make sure you ask them for the details of the warranty and set up your biannual inspections right away, especially if you already know you are working with approved roofing repair companies in Charleston.

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