Five Tips for Getting Your Roof Inspected After the Storm

With the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season predicted to be  ‘above normal,’ homeowners and business owners are taking precautions  to mitigate  property  damage. Although  preparations such as trimming limbs, removing diseased trees and having your gutters cleaned and roof inspected are important, after severe weather passes and you and your family are safe, it’s time for … Continued

Eight Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Summer

Beautifying your home’s curb appeal provides seemingly instant gratification; when you pull into your driveway, your handiwork is on display to greet  you. Picture cheerful flowers in  a rainbow of colors from rich reds to crisp whites, elegant foliage in deep greens, pristine pathways that invite visitors and a sparkling clean exterior. Taking pride in … Continued

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a New Roof

A new roof instantly changes your home’s appearance and boosts its curb appeal. Plus, it provides much-needed protection for your home and your family. Just as you would put thought and time into your exterior paint colors and landscaping, there are many roofing options to suit different budgets and tastes. Keep reading for five things … Continued

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Five Improvements

For many families, more time at home means more time for improvements big and small. When so much feels outside of our control, bringing some calm into our homes gives our minds an opportunity to focus and reset. Whether organizing your closet, putting extra paint to use, or tackling a bigger project that’s been on … Continued

Hurricane Season and Your Roof

2020 Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020 according to the National Hurricane Center. They list the major hurricane hazards as storm surge and storm tide, heavy rainfall and inland flooding, high winds, rip currents and tornadoes. At the time of this post, the first depression or storm of the 2020 … Continued

Six Common Causes of Roof Damage

While you may not be able to completely protect your home and roof from high winds or major storms, many other threats can be managed with pro-activity and the right team on your side. As with most areas of home maintenance, resolving possible issues promptly is best. In addition to roof maintenance, business owners may … Continued

Did You Miss the Fine Print on Your Metal Roofing Warranty?

You’ve fallen in love with your metal roof and are enjoying its many benefits. You’re not alone, as the popularity of metal roofs continues to grow. At Bone Dry Roofing Company, we get the appeal and share in your enthusiasm! Our team takes pride in offering specialty metals and in-house fabrication. Whatever drew you to … Continued

Need a New Roof? Professional Roofing Options at a Glance

Are you in search of professional roofing options for your home or business? At Bone Dry Roofing Company, we are here to help you make the right decision for your needs and budget. We believe in attractive and durable roofing and pride ourselves on professional, worry-free installation. When you think about the amount of real … Continued

Five Benefits of Tile Roofing—No. 1 May Surprise You

A home or business elegantly outfitted with a tile roof makes a striking statement. With a history that dates back thousands of years, the nature of the materials creates a beautiful aesthetic with pleasing shapes and distinct colors. From traditional cap and pan tiles as seen in recent projects to Ludowici shake tile, tile roofs … Continued

How to Safeguard Your Metal Roof From Pollen Damage

There are countless reasons to opt for a metal roof, from durability and energy efficiency to peace of mind from wind and ice. Metal roofs also beautifully complement the exterior of your home or business. It’s no surprise that metal residential re-roofing holds a growing share of the re-roofing market (13 percent in the United … Continued

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